Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Many people want this type of services and searched over internet a waste their time but unable to get desired results.

A few days ago i got a website which have a lots of tracing services. It shows tracing results in a map along with all suitable information you want to know.

You can trace a Mobile number. For example , when we enter the 10 digit mobile number, then we get the Mobile Service provider, Location, City along with area in a map. 

Thats really awesome.

You can also trace IP Address of a person. Enter your IP address and it will show you the location of this IP address and complete details of the ISP with the contact number of that IP Address.

Features of this site is

Trace Mobile Number
Trace Vehical Number
Trace Pin Code
Trace IP Address


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Most of the persons want to know the IP address of their friends or the person they are chatting with. By using this simple trick you will get the IP address of the person you are chatting or your friends. By finding the IP address of the person you can trace the location of that person by using IP to location locators. Use any of my previous post of locating ip address.

you have to follow these simple steps.

  • Download this php file. from here: http://www.ziddu.com/download/13204906/ip.rar.html 
  • Host this file to any webshost. and get a url of your website like this.
  • suppose http://www.yourwebsite/ip.php is the url of your page
  • Now you just need to say the person to visit your website and this php script will capture his/her IP address for you and store it to ipaddress.txt file
  • go to http://www.yourwebsite/ipaddress.txt to view his/her IP address
this is very simple but effective method of stealing some one's IP address.

Facebook is the part of people's daily life. It's no. 1 socail networking website so it is used for spreading scams by spammers.  Scammers search through Facebook user accounts and gather information from public profiles to send phishing emails so they can gather more secure information such as bank account numbers, credit card numbers and user login and password to other secure sites. On facebook scammers use facebook applications to gather user's information and use their profile to post links of worms and trojans. I wrote a post on securing facebook account from hackers. Today i am going to write some steps to protect your facebook account from scams.


  1. Avoid clicking on short url's posted in facebook. If you want to click that link, verify it first from the person who posted it. MOst of this type of links are posted by facebook worms.
  2. Most of the scams are of the form of some videos. So avoid to click on such video link without verifying.
  3. If any of your friend send a link with some strange message, ask your friend first before click on those links.
  4. If after clicking on a link, it is aksing for some permission for using your profile information as every application ask before use. Be sure to check all the permission whether it is asking for valid permission or not.
  5. Try to use less application on facebook. Most of the applications on facebook are useless. 
i know it's hard to avoid facebook applications but use those application after verifying it. Most of the scammers use your information for phishing and selling your information to other parties.
Everybody  use email accounts and social networking websites such as orkut, twitter and facebook. There are many important informations of a person in these email accounts and social networking website. so it is important to protect these account from hackers. Because hackers always try to get others account to get those secret and personal data for bad
purpose. If use your email id for business and other services then it's a  great loss and trouble for you. So always try to be safe from hackers Follow these simple steps i am writing below to protect yourself from being hacked.

Never share your password to anyone.
  1. Don't use password as your nick name, phone no. or pet names..
  2. Use the combination of lower case, uper case, numbers and special characters  for passwords.
  3. Never click on any suspected link comes in a mail from unknown sender.
  4. Never give your passwords to any 3rd party websites for any service.
  5. Use different passwords for different accounts.
  6. Check
  7.  the website url every time before login. EX: check url to be
  8. http://www.facebook.com before login to face account. Never login to
  9. website such as http://www.facebook.otherwebsit.com (MOST IMPORTANT)
  10. Use secondary email address and mobile phone numbers with secret questions for account recovery.
  11. Never
  12.  use any javascript code in url while login to any of your email or any
  13. other website account. It may be a cookie stealer script.
  14. use latest antivirus and antimalware softwares with firewall on.
These are some steps which you can follow for safe surfing over the internet.

Don't give any chance to hackers...
EC-Council E-Business Certification Series
Developer - Thomas Mathew
Publisher - OSB Publisher
ISBN No - 0972936211

By explaining computer security and outlining methods to test computer systems for possible weaknesses, this guide provides the tools necessary for approaching computers with the skill and understanding of an outside hacker.

This module attempts to bridge various aspects of ethical hacking by suggesting an approach for undertaking penetration testing. There are different ways of approaching a penetration test.
  • External Approach
    • With some prior knowledge
    • Without prior knowledge
  • Internal Approach
    • With some prior knowledge
    • With deep knowledge
Whatever the approach adopted, it is a fact that penetration testing is constrained by time and availability of resources, which varies from client to client. To effectively utilize both these telling factors, penetration testers adopt some form of structure or methodology. These can be checklists developed by consulting practices, widely available resources such as Open Source Security Testing Methodology or a customized attack strategy.
There are is no single set of methodology that can be adopted across client organizations. The skeletal frame of testing however is more or less similar. The terms of reference used for various phases may differ, but the essence is the same. As discussed in preceding modules, the test begins with:
  • Footprinting / Information Gathering phase
  • Discovery and Planning / Information Analysis phase
  • Detecting a vulnerability / security loophole
  • Attack / Penetration / Compromise
  • Analysis of security posture / Cover up / Report
  • Clean up
The general objective of a penetration test is to reveal where security fails. The result of a penetration test can be:
  • successful attack - when the objective is met within the scope of the attack
  • a partial success - when there has been a compromise, but not enough to achieve the objective
  • a failure - when the systems have been found to be robust to the attack methodology adopted
Foot printing / Information Gathering phase:
  • Client site intelligence
  • Infrastructure fingerprinting
  • Network discovery and Access point discovery
Discovery and Planning / Information Analysis phase
  • Target Identification
  • Resource and Effort Estimation
  • Modeling the Attack strategy (s)
  • Relationship Analysis
Detecting a vulnerability / security loophole
  • Vulnerability Analysis
  • Scanning
  • Enumeration
  • Zeroing the target
Attack / Penetration / Compromise
  • Exploring viable exploits (new / created / present)
  • Executing the attack / Alternate attack strategy
  • Target penetration
  • Escalating the attack
Analysis of security posture / Cover up / Report
  • Consolidation of attack information
  • Analysis and recommendations
  • Presentation and deliverables
Clean up
  • Clean up tasks and procedures
  • Restoring security posture

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The Hacker’s Underground Handbook
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This book is all about XSS. It will cover these topics on XSS.

Cross-site Scripting Fundamentals.
The XSS Discovery Toolkit
XSS Theory
XSS Attack Methods
Advanced XSS Attack Vectors
XSS Exploited
Exploit Frameworks
XSS Worms
Preventing XSS Attacks

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