Monday, March 14, 2011

BSNL 3G Hack! Browse Internet at 120 Kbps For Free

Today I am going to show how to hack BSNL 3G hack and browse unlimited internet at high speed up to 120 Kbps. I am not sure whether this hacking is still working or not, members from other forums are posting that this hack is working fine for them.

  • Before you start learning how to hack you need to have BSNL 2G SIM and ultimately 3G support mobile phone.

    Just follow up the instruction:
    1. Recharge your 2G SIM with Rs 1 to convert it to 3G SIM and use them for free hours
    2. Check the balance by dialing *123#, the message will show that your GPRS free usage is ZERO MB
    3. Now recharge again with Rs 1 to convert in to 2G SIM
    4. Now recharge with Rs 274 for unlimited GPRS usage for 2G SIM 
    5. Now again recharge with Rs 1 to convert in to 3G SIM 
    6. Thats it You have hacked your BSNL 3G for unlimited browsing check the GPRS free usage by dialing *123# it will show 1250000 MB free usage.

    Hope it will work for you! Try it and share you thought with us!

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