Thursday, May 26, 2011

India is a big market for cyber criminals!

By Nikita Agarwal

 With cyber crime on the rise these days, cyber crooks in order to target users, have started using Hindi, while drafting mails.

Security firm Symantec has claimed that there is likely to be an increase in spam among regional languages.
India has been a constant target of cyber crimes over the past few years. These included spam attacks and phishing during Diwali to the most recent Cricket World Cup, where users in India were fooled to part with their information and money by India-specific events.
It is indeed very difficult to get hold of these cyber criminals as they are spread everywhere.
Cybercrime like that of the internet knows no boundaries. Presently cyber criminals are specially targeting inhabitants of tier I and tier II cities.
Cyber criminals are also targeting other Hindi-speaking countries including Pakistan, Nepal and Bangladesh with spam mails in Hindi.


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