Sunday, April 10, 2011

Increase Your Wi-Fi Security In 4 Steps

Now a days many internet users have started using Wi-Fi internet connections as it is suitable for fastest possible internet connectivity any where. Wi-Fi connections are connected through a wireless network. If you a Wi-Fi device and you have an access to a Wi-Fi ISP or Wireless internet router then you can start using your internet with a single mouse click. But wireless network is much unsecured than a wired network. Any intruder who knows the access of certain wireless network can hack in and play games. He can consume your bandwidth, or can generate rumor or terrorist attack mails from your Wi-Fi connection. No body needs trouble, so here are some tips to increase your Wi-Fi Security from hack attacks or intruders.

Tips to Increase Your Wi-fi SecurityWifi security

  • Enable firewall on each computer or router: Wireless routers have built-in Firewall, make sure it is turned on, cause there are options to disable it too.
  • Turn off your Wireless Router when not in use: When you are not using your wireless connection then turn off your wireless router, don’t be lazy you can turn it on again with just a press of a button.
  • Change the Default User Name and Passwords: Most of the wireless routers come with “Admin” as the user name and same as the password. Through this one can access and change the settings of your wireless router easily. So, donot use default user name and passwords.
  • Enable Mac Addressing: There is filtering option in wireless routers configuration where you can give access to your defined mac address, it easily makes wireless connection safe from intruders.
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