Sunday, April 10, 2011

Hide Folder in Windows Xp Without Any Software

If you have a computer which you share amongst your family members than many of us are always trying to hide something, making something personal or which no body can have a look at but at the same we can have the access to it easily. People like me are mostly trying to hide photos and documents of their girl friends or girl friends :D . There are different ways to secure or personalize your documents and photos from other.

Hide Folder in XP (method I)

1. You can create different User accounts on windows with your User account having a password and also selecting the make documents private option.

Hide Folder in XP (method II)

2. Making an invisible folder also solves the problem. For that goto the location and create a new folder by right clicking on the window area of explorer and select new folder. Name the folder as, Keep ALT pressed on the keyboard and while ALT is pressed input 0160 and release ALT. This will create a blank ASCII character. Now here comes, how to make the folder invisible. Right click the folder and select properties. Click on the customize tab  and then click on Change Icon. Select the blank icon available in shell32.dll looking at the image below.
hide folderhide folder
Now click on OK. Now your folder is visible and neither its name. If you want to access your folder just Press CTRL + A (Select All) you’ll see a blank selection rename the folder and you are done.

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