Monday, February 21, 2011

Password Types

Passwords can be categorized into various types based on their composition. Let us take a look at these types to enhance our understanding of password cracking.
•Passwords that contain only letters: As rightly inferred, these contain just alphabets and are the easiest to crack. Example: "secret"

•Passwords that contain only numbers: These passwords consist purely of numerals. Example: "12354"
•Passwords that contain only special characters: These passwords consist of only special characters. They are easy to crack in accordance with their decreasing length. Example: "*%$%@"
•Passwords that contain letters and numbers: These passwords were the first step towards secure passwords. They are relatively harder to crack than passwords with just letters or numerals. Examples: "a3rf5"
•Passwords that contain only letters and special characters and passwords that contain only special characters and numbers are quite similar to the preceding one. Examples: "df%g$i", "39*&4"
•Passwords that contain letters, special characters and numbers are considered to be the most secure as the combination can be difficult to crack. Given an appropriate length, they can be considered to be safe and if encrypted well, safe on the network as well. Example: "a#d5y8%"


NOTE: Well friends, this is nowhere documented that, the most secure password contains [SPACES]. Using spaces in your password, it will become the strongest. Using spaces, you can easily bypass trojans & keylogers(almost 100%). I recommend to use 3-4 spaces as prefix of your password. For e.g. suppose you password is : "iamsweet123" without quote

Instead of this password, use "iamsweet123 ". Now what is the difference. Have a closer look. In the later one you will see that its excetely "iamsweet123[space][space][space]"

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