Sunday, February 27, 2011

About CVE Identifiers

CVE Identifiers (also called "CVE names," "CVE numbers," "CVE-IDs," and "CVEs") are unique, common identifiers for publicly known information security vulnerabilities. CVE identifiers have "entry" or "candidate" status. Entry status indicates that the CVE Identifier has been accepted to the CVE List while candidate status (also called "candidates," "candidate numbers," or "CANs") indicates that the identifier is under review for inclusion in the list.

Each CVE Identifier includes the following:
  • CVE Identifier number (i.e., "CVE-1999-0067").
  • Indication of "entry" or "candidate" status.
  • Brief description of the security vulnerability or exposure.
  • Any pertinent references (i.e., vulnerability reports and advisories or OVAL-ID).

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