Monday, October 10, 2011

Hacking is the art of problem solving. People who engage in computer hacking activities are often called hackers. Basically Hackers are the people who do things in a smarter way which a normal person cannot. Whether its finding a solution or exploiting loopholes in programming.

Most of the people misconceive that hacking means "law breaking" which is NOT TRUE. All hackers are not criminals and neither hacking is illegal. Hacking is a sort of a power. A power of innovation , its up to a person whether to use these to be a superhero or be a wicked evil. So there is nothing wrong in learning hacking but its important to use your skills for good purpose and not to take undue advantage of your hacking skills.

And how to distinguish between these superheroes(good hackers) and these villians ( bad hackers )-which are actually called crackers. Cracker was the term coined to distinguish evil hackers who steal our credit card numbers , defacing websites etc. Hackers stayed true to the Hacker Ethic, while crackers are only interested in breaking the law and making quick money. All the bad guys of the hacking world doing piracy, defacing websites, stealing credit card information etc. are supposed to be called 'crackers' who actually are less talented than the elite hackers

If i talk in terms of US laws then it says, it is intentionally accessing a system without permissions or may be exceeding authorized access, and thereby obtaining information. The laws basically emphasize more on government computers, but intrusion made on any individual's pc without his/her knowledge will also be called as a crime.

But this term is not being used by the media and because of its ability to sensationalise has made an evil image of the word hacker, although its not. In many cases, computer hacking helps prevent identity theft and other serious computer-related crimes.

Types of hacking

Friends i searched on many site under the topic types of hacking and i have found that most of the sites have only tell some different ways of hacking and not the proper categories of types of hacking.

So i am just giving division of types of hacking done by different hackers or whatever you call :-

1. Local Hacking
2. Social Networking Hacking
3. Remote Hacking.

Step 1 : First you need to create 3 email account. And sign up for facebook with those fake accounts. So now you must be having 3 new facebook accounts. ( don't forget to confirm your Facebook account)

Step 2 : Now u have to send friend request to the Vitim from all those 3 fb accounts. (but you should be clever enough so that your requst must be accepted.)

Step 3 : U would be thinking what if the victim won't accept the request, here comes your talent. Just make the user name with the names of victim’s friend or may be suppose if his interest is in hacking then make the user name like grey hat hacker , virus , facebook hacked and so on. Even you can attract the victim by using a pic of beautiful girl if victim is a guy or may be any handsome guy if victim is a

Step 4 : Now go to and click on “Forgot your password” Then you need to identify your victim's account by using his Facebook E-mail, Facebook name or Facebook name + Facebook friend's name. It would be easier to identify the victim with his or her Facebook name. When you got the account, just click on "This Is My account".

Step 5 : Once you identify you're at victim’s profile, Facebook suggests you to recover the password by the existing email address. You can bypass that by clicking on "No longer have access to these"?

Step 6 : Now Facebook will ask a secret question (If the victim has one), to bypass that, you'll need to type the wrong answers three times. After that Facebook will try to help you recover the password by the support of 3 friends.

Step 7: Just select your three fake profiles that your victim added to his friends.(The friends must be registered more than three weeks).

Step 8: Then you'll get the code on your fake profiles, with those 3 codes you can easily change the password.

Note : Your fake account must be friend with that person with atleast 3 weeks. And all those 3 accounts must not be friends together.
for eg:- If you want to hack "A" with your "B" , "C" & "D" accounts then "A" should be friend with "B" , "C" & "D" atleast from last 3 weeks and also remember that "B" , "C" & "D" should not be friends with each other.