Friday, May 27, 2011

Facebook have no option to go invisible for selected persons. But if you want to go offline for selecting friends then this trick will help you. To do this just follow these simple steps.

  • Go to Chat option (at Lower right corner)
  • Then click on Friends List
  • After clicking on friends list a small window will appear. Here create a new list of any name. 
  • In this list drag & drop you friends name that you want to block.
  • After that set your status to appear offline for this list.
  • For going online for that List just click on that image 

These chat symbols are very interesting. You can use them any chat messenger. The list is as following...

Alt+1                         ☺
Alt+2                         ☻
Alt+3                          ♥
Alt+4                          ♦
Alt+5                          ♣
Alt+6                          ♠
Alt+7                          •
Alt+8                          ◘
Alt+9                          ○
Alt+10                        ◙
Alt+11                        ♂
Alt+12                        ♀
Alt+13                        ♪
Alt+14                       ♫
Alt+15                       ☼
Alt+16                        ►                                
Alt+17                       ◄
Alt+ 18                       ↕
Alt+19                        ‼
Alt+20                        ¶
Alt+21                        §
Alt+22                       ▬
Alt+23                        ↨
Alt+24                        ↑
Alt+25                        ↓
Alt+26                        →
Alt+27                        ←
Alt+28                        ∟
Alt+29                        ↔
Alt+30                        ▲
Alt+31                        ▼

note:use only numkeys for typing numbers.

Do you know you can use bold and underline letters in facebook chat. Follow these steps to do this.:-
Use Bold Letters - To use bold letters type your letters between * . If you want to post HI in bold letter then type it like this in facebook chat *HI* then it will be bold.

Use Underline - To use underline in your facebook chat the type your letters between _ . If you want to underline HI in facebook chat then type it like this_HI_ then it will look like HI.