Monday, August 22, 2011

StumbleUpon overtaken facebook, accounts for half of all U.S. social media traffic on Web

According to report on StatCounter, StumbleUpon has beaten facebook and drive traffic to over 50% websites in U.S. StumbleUpon was rival in this field but lost market to facebook. As on the month August,  facebook has fallen down to 38% in US. Stumble upon has only 12 million users while facebook has more than 750 million users. This is really a great achievement for the company.
But if we consider the worldwide traffic, facebook is still market rival and makes upto 60% web traffic on the web while stumbleupon is on 2nd with 28%.
StatCounter’s measurements do not include HTTPS traffic though. The service is unable to track social sharing with HTTPS security and it’s possible that Facebook’s drop in traffic is a result of users turning to HTTPS to protect Web browsing.  
StumbleUpon recently passed a milestone of 25 billion clicks of the Stumble button which translates to an average of about 2000 clicks of the Stumble button per user.

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