Saturday, May 28, 2011

How to secure a computer from virus and hackers

Just buying a computer is not everything until you don’t know anything about computer security. It’s a very important thing if you want to secure your data and other private things from hackers and viruses.
          Here I am writing some basic methods to secure a computer. 
  1. A good operating system is very important for computer security. Linux is a very good OS because it has tight security. And update it regularly.
  1. While securing your system via password, always choose a difficult password that can no one guess. Don’t use your date of birth, phone number etc.
  1. Always us a good web browser that have security features against malewares, adwares and other virues.
  1. Don’t use unknown link for downloading something. Always download files from trusted source.
  1. A good anti virus is also very important for computer security because it can be secure your system from Trojans, worms. Avast is a good anti virus program that is available for free.
  1. Don’t turn off your system’s firewall. Firewall will help you in security.

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