Thursday, May 26, 2011

Do not get into net through internet

ALLAHABAD: Three fresh cases of internet fraudwere registered in Colonelganj and Civil Lines police stations in last five days. 

With an increase in the number of cyber crime cases, police have asked net lovers to be cautious, while accessing their mails, especially if they get a mail or SMS declaring that they have won a cash prize through national/international lottery. 

DIG/SSP, Ram Kumar while speaking to TOI said, "People should be aware and cautious about such fictitious offer. No doubt, people have become aware against cyber crime, but most people especially women or youngsters are still not aware about the facts related to cyber crime." 

The police claim that last year, as many as 23 such complaints were reported, in which internet users have complained of being cheated and deprived of their cash. 

"If you receive such mail or SMS, verify all the facts and documents before applying, otherwise you may lose your money," alerted the cops. 

According to police, there are three cases wherein interested candidates without consulting the experts or police officials had deposited amounts worth lakhs of rupees with the lottery authorities and then found it to be a big fraud. 

Kusum, a resident of Georgetown had deposited Rs 14 lakh in the given account numbers without inquiring about the authenticity of the email within a gap of three months. The police, while investigating the cases found that most of the cases registered or reported are linked to online lottery frauds. 

Pointedly, if a computer system has been tampered with, it amounts to cyber fraud, but sending a lottery mail to somebody does not amount to tampering and hence, it is not covered under IT Act. It is only punishable under the relevant section of the IPC, officials said. They also pointed out that awareness is increasing among the people. Many of those who get such mails are approaching police officials to know the authenticity of such mails. 

One can even be duped by an email sent in the name of somebody known to the victim. 

Lottery fraud begins with sending the target a declaration email, which says that the receiver of the mail is the lottery winner. In return, those mails seek some basic details. In the subsequent mail, the sender asks about a courier agent, who has been assigned the job of getting the cash transferred, asking a nominal payment of the winning cash (amount).


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