Monday, May 30, 2011

Check a login page is real or fake

Hackers use this trick very often. They send you a link via email or other method. when you click on that link you find a login page there. They insist you t enter your personal information on it like email id, password etc. When you enter this detail in that login form your account can be hacked. But you can test whether this login page is real or fake by following methods.

1. When you open that login page see your address bar if you find their HTTPSthen this page is not a fake page. In HTTPS "s" means Secure. No hacker can make a secure fake login page.

2. This is also an very simple method when you open that login page don't fill the information & click on submit means leave all the column blank and click on submit. If this page is a fake page then it will take you to another page directly otherwise you will get an error message that you'll have to fill all the column.

so by using these method you can make yourself safe.

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