Thursday, May 26, 2011


How do I access my chat history?

If you’re online and chatting with someone, your recent conversation history is available by scrolling up within the chat window. Clicking “Clear Window” will remove this history from your chat window.
A history of all your chats is also included as part of your conversations within Facebook Messages along with all your messages, texts and emails.
If you’d like to delete specific chat messages from a conversation:
  1. Open the conversation.
  2. Open the Actions menu.
  3. Select “Delete Messages…”
  4. Check boxes will appear next to each message in the conversation. You can check off the individual messages that you’d like to delete.
  5. Click the “Delete Selected” button at the bottom of the conversation.
Note that clicking “Delete All” will delete all messages in the conversation thread.
Unfortunately, this feature is not currently available globally. Only few members of the facebook who have got their facebook email id can use this option. Users who have not got their facebook email id they can use Facebook Chat History Manager to save and view your chat history with friends onFacebook.

Facebook Chat History Manager

Chat history manager Firefox extension which can save your Facebook chat messages in your local environment.
You can view your chat history anytime either online or offline.
Your messages are securely stored and only person passed the security check can view saved messages.Note that all messages are stored in your client, this application won’t store your chat history on server.
Installation and usages are pretty simple.

Chat History For Facebook
*1.Create your account.(Required!)
After extension installed, from Firefox menubar, select Tools, find Facebook Chat History Manager menu, and select Create Account. You’re required to login to facebook. Once login and see “You may now close this window and return to the application.” click “Close login window” on the bottom. Then the create account dialog should open. The chat history manager will save your chat message automatically and silencely.
2.View chat history.
There are two ways:
a: Press Ctrl+Alt+F to open chat history window. This need you login.
b. From Firefox menubar, select Tools, find Facebook Chat History Manager menu, and select View History
3.Delete chat history.
To delete messages, you can select the messages to be deleted then click delete button on the top of view history messages page.
4.Set Preference.
Set messages per page: From Firefox Tools menu, select Add-ons, find Facebook Chat History Manager and select Options.
5.Export chat history.
From Firefox Menubar, select Tools, find Facebook Chat History Manager menu, and select Export History.

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