Sunday, April 10, 2011

Use Keyboard Shortcut for Windows to increase your efficiency | Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts reduce a lot time during work. It doesn’t matters whether you are using windows, Linux, Microsoft office or any other program. All the computer programs have keyboard shortcuts. Keyboard shortcuts are useful in some big works, instead of moving your mouse pressing the click button instead you just have to press two or more keys, both at same time and Waa…. Lah your work is done. I am used to basic and some advance keyboard shortcuts of most of the office programs therefore I complete my work much faster than a person working with a mouse. I am posting some basic keyboard shortcuts for windows which every person should know.

Basic Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows

Windows key + E = Explorer
Windows key + Break = System properties
Windows key + F = Search
Windows key + D = Hide/Display all windows
ALT + Tab = Switch between windows
ALT, Space, X = Maximize window
CTRL + Shift + Esc = Task Manager
CTRL + C = Copy
CTRL + X = Cut
CTRL + V = Paste
CTRL + Z   = Undo an action
CTRL + Y  = Redo an action
CTRL + A  =Select all items in a document or window
F1 = Display Help
F2 = Rename the selected item
F3 = Search for a file or folder
F4 = Display the Address bar list in Windows Explorer
F5 = Refresh the active window
F6 = Cycle through screen elements in a window or on the desktop
F10 = Activate the menu bar in the active program.

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