Friday, April 22, 2011

hack closed pc on cyber cafe

1. As you all must have know these days all Cyber cafe owners have a program for administration to control all PC’s in local area network. So all files can be inter transmitted. 

2. First of all press Ctrl+Alt+Del the task manager or any controlling application, will open. Then from APPLICATIONS select the program that is controlling all PC’s & terminate it, This is for security reason. Now log of PC, & you ll get user names of the PC. 

3. But some times, cyber cafes have security clients installed that have restricted access to Task Manager, restart the computer & press F8 continuously before windows boots. 

The Menu will open, select Safe Mode from it. And now you can copy files from networked PC’s without any security layer.
Next step is where you’ll need to crack the hashes. SO go to your home PC , Download & install Saminside cracking tool. And from some another Cyber cafe try to crack the hashes of that PC. By same log off method explained below.
This where you actually perform hacking. Have a gret time & tell us weather it worked for you. 

Meanwhile if you can get IP address, of the PC you wish to hack try to get it from, but this is not the part of this hack its sort of next step of hacking from outside the network.

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