Thursday, March 17, 2011

Call Forging

Want to Spoof a identity of caller,we have brought some intresting trick.

Call Forging is the trick by which you can spoof the identity of the
caller and misguide the caller.

By call forging the caller identity is spoofed and can be easily done
by the folllowing way.

This post is written for educational purpose and dont misuse it.

Basics of Call Forging

Firstly the voip is used to call via internet PC to a telephone.
In the VOIP there is a loop hole which allow a intruder to spoof
a call.

There are many website on the net which provide the facility of the
internet calling.

This website work as follows, first the call the source phone no. then
the destiation number and then bridge them together.

Here there is no authentication done by the website and server are
normally located in US and so tracing of the intruder is not possible.

Thus, the intruder logs on to this server and gives a wrong source number
and then place a call over internet which is actually a spoofed call
which shows wrong identity.

Also there a no laws regarding the call spoofing in India and so a intruder
if gets traced is easily backed by the loophole of no laws for it.

Thus, if you get calls from other numbers dont trust it they may be spoofed

This post is written only for awareness and for educational purpose.

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