Monday, March 14, 2011

Browse the Internet Anonymously

Image Surfing on the net is not as secure as the average internet user may think. Your identity and what you are doing can be monitored easily. This is especially true for those with Wireless networks, those who browse the internet from their work computer and those that browse dodgy (red flag) websites. The solution is to use an anonymizer when you surf the net.
Anonymous Surfing redirects your web traffic through secure servers, hiding your online identity. Identity thieves, aggressive marketers, hackers and online snoops are prevented from accessing your personal information and viewing your Internet activity.

The Anonymizer (includes a Free Tool to browse any website anonymously)

Surf Secret

Proxy 7

Virtual Browser

Hide IP

Site Tunnel

Surf Anonymous

From reading some of the information on these sites, you may be shocked to realize how little privacy you actually have….even with a Firewall. If you have concerns with identity theft or monitoring of your online browsing without your permission , I suggest you take a look at these sites and decide for yourself.

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